Lone wolf

Artists live in a separate world they construct over the years. This bubble of privacy is surprisingly wide and opaque to even the closest relations. You see, they are highly sensitive to stimuli. And this meditative state of mind is the soil in which ideas are grown. They cross-pollinate and flower into complex shapes of beauty.

Silence is the state that clears the doors of perception. We see the hidden valleys in bright light. Those emotions crashing like waves just under the surface are now visible. They well up and seep through the heart. An artist can not work in a state of noise.

Art making can be a rather lonely, thankless affair.

David Bayles & Ted Orland *

And Artists thrive in this state of isolation. It might be thankless as the artist wades sifts through thousands of strands looking for that way. That special direction which leads them to the place of clarity.

Personal observations from a series on ‘Art & Fear’.

Citation: Art & Fear

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