A truly good conversation gives us something to think about; it presents a new thought process, and a different perspective.

Being a good listener means one is open minded, curious and humble. The conversation has to be about the other, not about oneself. Listening isn’t just about words, but of the hidden cues, the emotions rolling under the surface. A conversation can happen without a word. Silence speaks a thousand words in an instant.

Humility, in conversations, would mean to accept that one doesn’t know it all. There is a whole lot to be learned from someone. There is a different perspective to be understood from years of experience in this thing called life. They have fought a different battle that we don’t know nothing about. There might be many stories to be heard.

[[Narcissists]] would put their entire attention when the discussion centers around them; and then quickly lose interest when the discussion goes elsewhere.

11 December, 2021 Add Comment

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